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Creating systems to change things for the better

About us

We believe in the potential of people. Not as mere parts of a system, but as the creators and movers of systems. A system is both a part and a whole. The parts are the software created by people to liberate themselves. The whole is the structure that not only orchestrates mechanisms but also amplifies human potential. Connecting dots between software and structure, looking up engages in advanced proposals and constructions. We provide not just solutions, but software, choices and possibilities to solve problems. Choices and possibilities for what comes next. We are always excited about what comes next. It's this excitement that changes things for the better.

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Thinking are looking up


Through programming, we contribute to the choice of "a better future" for everyone

Service #01

"Our goal is to develop ideas for new products and services." "We want to reach out to consumers directly and look into evaluating ideas quickly and accurately." "It takes time to conduct research. However, what we really want is to have more "time to think" about the results." OPTICO offers practical solutions to address the challenges and needs frequently faced in marketing

Service #02


Muscat is a survey engine that can be customized freely without being constrained by existing frameworks. It supports English, Chinese, Korean, and five other languages, making it possible to seamlessly conduct surveys on 150 million people from 143 countries around the world (13 million people in Japan). It provides systems tailored to your needs to help you carve out "time to think."

Web Application
Service #03

Web Application

We propose systems that help every client company to carefully unravel work processes that have become complex and overwhelming, weed out tasks that are unnecessary or should not be done, and allocate maximum time to productive work processes.



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With our CEO coming from an engineering background, we are constantly striving to create an environment where engineers can perform at their best. We are looking for talent who can contribute to the selection of a "better future" through engineering.

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