About us

About us


What we value

Providing opportunities for a better future for everyone involved

We believe in the potential of people. Not as mere parts of a system, but as the creators and movers of systems.


  • Being true to yourself

    Take actions that you truly feel to be right
    Concern yourself with everything
    Think of the reason why you can do it
  • Staying cool

    Find beauty in simplicity
    Let go of unnecessary pride
    Be honest and sincere
  • Valuing people

    Be grateful
    Value yourself
    Respect others
  • Staying curious

    Continue learning throughout life
    Create with excitement
    Cherish passion


  • Company
    looking up
  • CEO
    阿久津 裕Hiroshi Akutsu
  • Established
  • Our Business
    • Develop and operate market research platforms
    • Develop web apps specializing in marketing research
    • Develop survey engines
    • Develop commissioned projects
  • Address
    150-0002 4-2-24 3F Shibuya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo
  • Access
    Omotesando Station: 6-minute walk from Exit B1. JR Shibuya Station: 15-minute walk


  • Apr.2018
    Launched the business
  • Jun.2019
    Started development of Muscat, our survey engine
  • Feb.2020
    Relocated to Minami-aoyama
  • Oct.2020
    Released automatic survey system based on Muscat
  • Jan.2021
    Relocated to Omotesando for expansion
  • Mar.2022
    Increased office size for business expansion
  • Aug.2022
    Released OPTICO (beta), a marketplace for marketing research