A single code​ holds the key to shaping the future

We are always considering if there is a genuine need for a system. Various systems have emerged alongside social changes and technological evolution. Have these systems truly liberated humans? Are these systems making the world a more complex place? Are we being overwhelmed by repetitive tasks? Are we continuing to use things that we do not need? Systems are not made up of software alone. A system is a structure in itself. looking up breaks down old systems and creates new ones. We transform them into systems that liberate people. All of this starts with a single line of code, it holds the key to transforming the future.

Thinking are looking up


Message from our CEO

We put great importance on asking "Why?" Why have we been tasked with a job? Why do we create that system? Why can it be created only by us? What we want to create is neither "a system that anyone can create," nor "a system that already exists somewhere." We want to create "a system that can only be created by us." We believe that we can create something that still does not exist in the world, precisely because we understand the value of the information that systems provide, as well as the significance of developing something that users take delight in, and more importantly, something that we have created by ourselves in this place. I think of looking up as a community of outstanding engineers and generalists. Even though we each have completely different goals in life, there is a reason why we have come together in this place. We are a collective of members who help one another to improve by moving toward the same vector and pursuing a single goal together. Why work at looking up? I think that we are a community where members are always asking themselves questions, and looking up uses those answers as a driving force to help individuals grow every day toward the fulfilment of their dreams and aspirations.


Hiroshi Akutsu
Hiroshi Akutsu

After graduating, Hiroshi joined an internet research company as a survey UI creator. While engaged in market research for 5 years, he encountered programming as a way of solving problems within the company and entered the world of programming, enrolling as a working graduate student in the Department of Information Architecture at the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology in 2014 and graduating in 2016. While developing mission-critical systems and back-office systems as the head of internal systems, he was also involved in planning infrastructure, architecture, and system strategies. Master of Information Systems (Technical Specialist Diploma [Highest Level]).

Yuki Ishitsuka
Senior Engineer
Yuki Ishitsuka

After graduating from the Department of Mathematics at Chuo University, Yuki commenced his career, and at his first company, met Hiroshi and entered the world of programming. Two years after the company's founding, he joined lookingup as the No. 1 employee and developed the base program for Muscat, a survey engine, in just two months. Yuki is a full-stack engineer and works in a wide range of areas including front-end, back-end, and infrastructure. He is not only a programmer but also a team builder and a top engineer who supports the company's growth as Hiroshi's right-hand man.

Masahiko Minakoshi
Full-stack Engineer
Masahiko Minakoshi

Masahiko began his professional journey at his first company as a new graduate, where he met Hiroshi and Yuki. It was also there that he entered the world of programming. Masahiko is active not only as a developer but also as a project manager. His hobbies are watching professional wrestling matches and muscle training. Currently, he is in the process of straightening his teeth, so he can't speak very well.


Traits of looking up

Engineer Driven

More than 80% of looking up's employees are engineers, and even the CEO works as an engineer. We are constantly working to build an environment where engineers can deliver their best performance. As development is carried out by small teams, we also offer an environment that allows employees to undertake specialized learning across a wide range of areas.

Respect individuality

looking up is made of members of different nationalities and ages. We value individuality. Lunch gatherings are held regularly to encourage employees to spend time together. We are focused not only on performing our daily tasks, but also on fostering relationships in which we can think together and help one another improve.


Working environment and structure

As our CEO is an engineer and more than 80% of the organization comprises engineers, we are constantly working to build an environment where engineers can grow.

OJT(on-the-job training) system

We provide guidance that is tailored to each individual employee in order to help them grow quickly as an engineer. They begin by observing the work carried out by other engineers and understanding the overview of the work processes, then are gradually entrusted with tasks that they are capable of completing.

Career development/Evaluation system

Every individual is responsible for their own career development, since they are the ones thinking about and pursuing their goals as an engineer. For this reason, the evaluation system is focused on self-appraisal, in addition to evaluations conducted alongside the CEO and COO.

Support toward improving engineering skills

We are proactive in offering support for what employees need to improve their skills as engineers, such as the cost of acquiring qualifications, learning materials, and resources needed for development projects.

Work system
  • Flextime (core hours 11:00 – 15:00)
  • Possibility of remote working (flexible rules depending on skills/project)
We allow employees to choose working hours that they are comfortable with, and which they can produce their best performance in.


  • エンジニアが圧倒的に成長できるスタートアップの環境とは?
  • 大学院生からスタートアップへ進んだエンジニアの活躍ストーリー
    今回インタビューしたのは、2021年に入社したフロントエンジニアの酒井。高専の専攻科から大学院へと進んだという経歴を持つ彼が、スタートアップ企業のエンジニアになった経緯、 働いてみて今感じていること、彼の視点から捉えたlooking upという会社について語ってもらいました。
  • エンジニア視点から見たlooking up~働く魅力とは~
    エンジニア視点から見たlooking up~働く魅力とは~
    マーケティングリサーチの新発想DXプラットフォーム、アンケート調査システムなどを開発している当社。その現場を支えているエンジニアたちは、いったいどんな想いを持って働いているのでしょう? 今回はエンジニアとして開発現場の中核を担う石塚と皆越にインタビュー。エンジニアになったきっかけ、この会社で働く魅力や成長できるポイントまで話してもらいました。